To Orbit

Rocket & Nines reporting for duty! 

Status update: Planet Earth is blue, the moon is made of cheese, and the sun is smoking hot! My tin can’s screws are still in the right places and the circuits are electrifying!

So, what’s our mission going to be today, ground control? 

What we are

  • About Us
  • Mission
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We are Rocket & Nines. A freelance design and development team formed and spearheaded by a Graphic and Web Designer and Illustrator. We are a tight-knit group of passionate freelancers covering a variety of design expertise open to individuals, start ups, and companies. Become a part of our Universe and let us help you launch your design dreams into the stars.

Our goal is to provide services to the best of our abilities. To keep an open mind for all ideas, to create freely while working with the right principles, to think outside the box, and to keep the world and the universe as our playground for inspiration.

To become a full pledge design studio that can provide design and development services to individuals, start up, or corporations with ideas that are inline with our galactic creative innovation. Because we believe we are all connected; To each other, biologically. To the earth, chemically. To the rest of the universe, atomically.

What We Do

Graphic Design

Logo Design • Social Media • Infographic Design • Packaging Design • Brochure • Pamphlets • Posters • Flyers • Postcards • Invitations •

and more!


Social Media Illustrations • Character Design • Infographic Illustrations • Children Book Illustrations • Poster Illustrations • Banner Illustrations • Fashion Illustrations.

Web Design & UI

Business Websites • Online Shop and E-Commerce Websites • Personal Website • Blogs and Online Journals • User Interface Design.


Company Profiles • Magazine • Newsletters • Coffee Table Book • Product Catalog


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